Zayto Saittai

ZAYTO Saittai

Cold extracted from hand-picked olives.
From young olive trees of Gemlik Variety.
Cultivated in Koprubasi-Manisa. at 150m above sea-level.

Grassy and full-bodied with intense fruitiness.

0.5 L 1 L
Zayto Saittai

ZAYTO Ayvalik

Cold extracted from hand-picked olives.
Ayvalik variety. From centennial trees, single grove. Cultivated in Ayvalik at sea level.

Light, appealing aroma with hints of green almonds.

0.5 L 1 L

Currently our products are only available in Switzerland.


Quality, traceability, sustainability

Zayto combines the heritage of its land of origin with the search of a culinary adventure and responsible consumption.

Zayto is precious and traceable. Each bottle is from a single-grove, monovarietal olives. Our fruits are hand-picked. Our oil is cold-extracted, with free acidity below 0.5%

The olives that yield their precious oil are cultivated with special care to the environment. We minimize our impact to biodiversity, we use water efficiently, using drip-irrigation for our young trees, only when needed. Our centennial trees in Ayvalik only receive rain-water.

We aim to be carbon-neutral by directly minimizing our impact, and by compensation our CO2 footprint linked to our production and logistics.